Don’t stop listening to your heart.

It’s a rainy day. I woke up at 6:00. I felt awful yesterday. It all happened because I thought too much negatively, that I want to do a lot of things just because I don’t have the strength. I am the “girl who wants to get rid” of thoughts, of things that do not make me happy and that keep me in place, of people and anything else that brings me negative energy. I wanted to be free. I was too worried about all the little problems and because of them I was stuck in the same place without being able to find a way out.

Today I woke up optimistic, I know that if I change my thoughts, I can change my reality. Everything is in my hands, I just have to act and not let myself become a victim in my mind. Today I freed myself, I changed my perspectives and I know that nothing can bring me down. I will listen to my heart and intuition and let them guide me. We all have a purpose in life, but most of the time we focus too much on the problems we have so that we no longer see the solutions, even though they are right before our eyes.

Be happy and be yourself, that’s all that matters. Do not let negative thoughts dominate you, take from life only what is good for you, do not give importance to things that do not bring you anything good.

When nothing goes right go left.

*fragment from my journal*

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