I’ve always been afraid to do what I really want. Maybe because I was just caught in a world full of circumstances and prejudices. I tried to get to know myself better through different methods, none of them saved me from the chaos I was in, than reading and sports. Yoga heals the soul, the mind, the body. Just thinking about yoga makes my soul full of joy and happiness.

I’ve always loved reading, but I’ve found that I love writing so much! I decided to do both, I still struggle to do them every day, even if I don’t publish anything, I organize my time to succeed at least a little of everything I want to do, because real life outside my passion takes up of my time and distracts me.

I learned that I don’t have to limit myself, that I don’t have to think only about the future and what I want to be, because I am already what I want, I am everything I want, everything I do now, everyone small step helps me to grow and change my future without sitting and longing for the future.

You have to live the present and do whatever you want, be grateful for absolutely anything, and so the future will be grateful to you and give you exactly what you deserve.

I am here to bring you positivity and happiness, I promise to come back with more posts.🧘🏻🌞

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